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Discoursing The Conscious Process - Part One: Propoganda

Discoursing The Conscious Process 

Part One: Propoganda 


by Hasan Rahma T' Ullah



Propaganda leaves its victims in a state of utter debilitation. The enforcers of propaganda use propaganda based methods to coerce by invading the innermost consciousness of their victims. Invasions take the shape of social queuing; need arousal, testimonials, fear appeals, name-calling, assimilation and conformity. Victims are ultimately manipulated into behaviors or characteristics in order to appease the users of propaganda or to merely make the subject conform by coercive methods. With the repulsion of the Smith-Mundt Act in the U.S., has the provisioning for such public diplomacy opened the gateway for propaganda-based activities worldwide? This article is intended to initiate conversation, inform and lay the foundation for effective conscious properties that all human beings share. I would like to inevitably confront the conscious question. Is consciousness measurable? And if consciousness is indeed measurable, how can it be applied? And can a practical conscious theory or application evolve from the question.

 Author Notes

Upon social encounter in early 2009 to its discussion in early 2011. Understanding the post-modern social mode of captive audience.  And the behavior of individuals towards their audience has driven this series. This is the first installment, going to print in 2014. It was a four year process to get my mind around the mode of conduct mankind had adopted. So I decided to research and write about it. Not being zealous, I understood the subject was complex & may take on several dynamics. Including interpersonal to social.
Now almost six years later, I'm researching several aspects of human behavior, information and memory hierarchy. To better serve mankind's engagements and stimuli mediation.
When you read this first installment of the series. Understand the rudimentary knowledge and fresh outlook of the author/myself.  As you progress to other writings and aspects of the Conscious series, you will begin to see the growth. The widening aspects of the complex issue. Thought to be reactionary by nature, I have come to see our human biological memory, neural & endocrine drive as contributing. Coupled with learned behavior (social), a vast amount of information by engagement, is encoded and stored. Due to akin peers and family hierarchy.
Will mankind be able to filter erroneous from confirmed information? In our post-modern age, it will mean the difference between debilitation of mankind or the growth of mankind

Original academic: feb 2014

Tentative publishing: mar. 2021

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