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Applied Conscious Valuation Theory (AVT)

Applied Conscious Valuation Theory  (AVT)

Including, Psychological, Global & Marketing Perspectives

by Hasan Rahma T' Ullah


Victor vs. Victim Statement

The lack of reflection in human transactions or relationships has aided the modern loss of value, morality and true equality amongst humans. For example, we all understand that human based sweatshops and child labor in foreign lands are detrimental to the overall quality of life for mankind in a exploitive manner. By exploiting the lack of resources by one nationality or race for the frivolous lifestyle and the behavior of another. But what about the motivation behind such lopsided behavior? Many also recognize the growing ecological crisis based on over-industrial principles without understanding the ability or reasoning for such continuation and behavior of a small portion of society at the detriment of the whole. Examining such global issues from a value and moral based application with historical reference and future consideration to globalism and the rise of the postmodern society, examines the relationships and transactions of those who participate in such behaviors, as related to the Soul and False Ego.

 False Egoism is the promotion of parasitic virulence via horizontal transmission. As an ideology, it conflates “diversity” with heterosity, aka novel local diversity aka novel heterogeneity. In ecology, False Egoism drives the spread of invasive species destroying ecosystems worldwide. In human ecology, False Egoism drives the spread of aggressive ethnies destroying social capital worldwide.

As an agenda of reduction and disrupt, False Ego based market forces rely on reactionary methods to obtain their goals, ego to ego call. Including but not limited to Illogical emotional appeals and bandwagonsim by power prompts, social cues and false stimuli. The root of the word Vector (fragmented) represented by the False Ego is veh or vect a quantity having magnitude and direction carriers, bearers or conveyers. The true identity or Soul and the false ego are of the same, individual or human.

Yet, ontological nature of False Egoism within social and conscious reflection are those who practice and become carried away with their behavior, collect, gather or expel negativity by action and character, sometimes urging by compulsion or frightening individuals. Seeking unhealthy advantages by crafty tactics that confuses and debilitate others. 

While, the Soul, or healthy self or ego, gains practical solutions as an open alternatives to False Egoism in the methodology of reflection ZHIKR (deep thought or remembrance of Allah). 

Upon practical and close examination of inefficiency and imbalance in personal and business relationships we have found individuals may exhibit a need for restoration from absorption, mimicking (introjection) and reduction. Conquering the False ego, as the main objective of False Ego based opportunistic tactics is to reduce the entity into a co-dependent role. Reflection evaluates potential outcomes based on critical thought not superficial constructs such as class, race, ethnicity or status. Ultimately the character and actions or behaviors of the individual, groups or companies are examined apart of reflection. 

Mission critical for application of Conscious Valuation and Whole Soul, operating from a healthy true identity space is maintaining a principle based focus on the human moral and ethical character. Interpreting allies form opportunist in a non-defensive manner.


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