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Conscious Valuation Theory (CVT)

Conscious Valuation Theory  (CVT)

Including, Psychological, Global & Marketing Perspectives

by Hasan Rahma T' Ullah


Examining the growth and use of social and systemic extortion as social norm. Such reduction treats humans as an instrument or object for the advancement or material pleasure of another. From a social and cultural psychological aspect, Conscious Valuation responds and examines two main questions. 


First, Has extortion become a social norm in modern society? Second, is extortion becoming acceptable in post-modern society?


Psychological behavior relating to cultural and moral relativism makes it almost impossible to criticize a vector based entity. Such confrontation must be handled with ultimate tact and understanding. Merely attacking, criticizing a personal culture, custom or norm does reveal motives. It only rules out the idea of moral progress. No insight is revealed, neither conflict resolved in such a manner. As many vector based entities firmly believe they are doing what is right for them, their company, group culture, cine or beliefs. Factor based difference is based on ethical approaches and productive moral truth. Truly understanding the subjective nature or discerning the nature of vector perception. This may include results as behavior, goals or decree revealed. Enabling factor function empowers the individual to determine one's ability, available resources and standards as pertaining to any outside stimuli or prompts. This is the nature of an honest factor based assessment.


Factors are courageous eloquent copers, achieving goals or decree by producing non-debilitating means. Clarity, in light of truth may be experienced at the core of a factors actions.


Shedding light on the unknown by deductive, rational reasoning enables consciousness to achieve a precise outcome or manifestation. Wisdom allows restraint and proper measurement and judgment. Positioning the individual as the principal authority in a self determined manner, to command his or her own choice without coerciveness. 


‘What’ exactly is the issue?”, “What are the alternatives?”, measuring advantages and disadvantages and “How do we achieve positive results?“ All are reflective or conscious syllogism to obtain a clear decree or gain without vector based taint.


Now, an individual may only become a factor if he or she chooses. This conscious awareness and subconscious view may only aid in self realization, self determination or self authoring. Self satisfaction is a choice left to the limited free will of all humans. 


No consideration is given to vectorism as the price of entry to manipulation is to high for the human psyche.


Original academic: may 2015

Tentative publishing: jan. 2019

Tentative price US 19$ / Can. 25$



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