ED Glossary
A treaty or agreement by which subjects of one country residing or traveling in another are extended extraterritorial rights or special privileges, I.e., especially such a treaty between a European country and the former Ottoman rulers of Turkey.
From hayat (life). It is that which keeps you ethically and spiritually alive. Just like a body gets its value from being alive, the spirit, soul, character and person gets their value from having haya’. The reality of haya’ is that it is that trait which motivates you to do what is good. That same trait discourages you from doing anything shameful. It is the one quality that make Muslims stand out. Modesty, the innate character of Islam. Keys: shame, humility, self-respect, honor, bashfulness, shyness
To restrain from, exercise authority, command, give judgment, judge, be wise.
To collect or gather, bring together, to contract, assemble or congregate, unite or connect or form a connection, bring into a state of union, reconcile or conciliate, put on a thing [such as clothing article], to compose/arrange/settle, to pray in congregation, determine/resolve/decide upon a thing, agree or unite in opinion, prepare or make a thing ready, dry up a thing, conspire or league with another, coexist with one,to be compact/compressed/contracted,exert one's energy, to compromise or comprehend or contain, enter or go into, to meet or be in company with another.
Kh-Ya-Ra = Be possessed of good, to do good, give one a choice or option (and also be given a choice or option), prefer one thing or person over another thing or person, preferred/pronounced/chosen, strive to surpass one in goodness, excellent in beauty and disposition, to be ideal (show actual or potential usefulness or benefit), be desired in all circumstances and by every person, exalted in rank or quality or reputation, to be better than another person or thing, be the best of things or people, to be generous (possess and show generosity), possess nobility or eminence, be elevated in state or condition.
to be high, lofty, become exalted/elevated, to acquaint/inform, utter in a low voice/ sound, cry, bark, gift of prophecy, prophet. To come/go forth, to assault/come upon, went forth, brought/produce. Information; a piece of information; intelligence; an announcement; news; tidings; a piece of news; an account; a narrative, or narration; a story (something that is related from one to another). An announcement of great utility, Eminence/protuberance in the ground/earth. An evident/clear way. Bull, a torrent that comes forth from another land, a man coming forth unexpectedly from an unknown quarter.
(Arabic: تقوى‎‎ taqwā / taqwá ") is an Islamic term for being conscious & cognizant of Allah, of truth, of the rational reality, "piety, fear of God".[1][2] It is often found in the Quran. Al-Muttaqin (Arabic: لِّلْمُتَّقِينَ‎‎ Al-Muttaqin) refers to those who practice taqwa, or in the words of Ibn Abbas -- "believers who avoid Shirk with Allah and who work in His obedience."[3]