Lamont dE’ St. Michael
2018-04-05 02:23

Inner Group Think and Scrutiny
(Etic perspectives and observations in 21st century western society)


“Scrutiny from a literary approach seems to deal with idealism, While Scrutiny from a social psychological context deals with disillusionment.”

How can postmodern 21st century western society create constructs that prevent scrutiny and skepticism of human beings and human society based on historical folklore and social psychology?

What may inevitably prove to be one of the finest test to the human spirit is reflected in the western postmodern, 21st century and its current state of economies and social systems. As the western world seeks to globalize its culture, marketplace and consumer acolytes, are there any positive constructs regarding encountered culture, society or people in place to avoid the mistakes of the past 500 years?

Decreased accountability regarding morality as compared to 50 or 100 years ago is arguably becoming an impoverished attribute of mankind on several phenomenal levels. The conscious or subconscious manifestations may be found to be delusional and immoral convictions with a self affirming in group think process that perpetualy grows through individual prejudice and desire.

The reasoning behind the complex nature of this issue is from several aspects including chiefly financial want or need and the imposition of debilitation, poverty, homelessness and starvation. Projecting a world culture of perpetual selfishness as based on several principles or perceptions or a false sense of being. The over emphasis by western mass media, culture and society on the importance of the self without balance creates a sense of non-importance or insignificance towards ‘Others’, as opposed to that particular ‘self’. These subconscious manifestations may also be the full grown monster, prompts or constructs unleashed by corporate marketing initiatives as exposed and exploited by freud and family, including his daughter and nephew Edward Bernays.

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